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Can I Griddle It? The Definitive Guide.

At Little Griddle we spend a lot of time thinking about about the types of outdoor cooking that work best on a grill-top griddle or in a skillet over a grill or campfire, and the foods that are delicious right off of the grates, and we've never seen that concept explained in chart form before!   In the interest of better outdoor cooking for everyone, here are the results of the exhaustive outdoor cookware testing that Little Griddle has conducted over the years.  Let us know what we should add!  

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Recipe Idea: Teppanyaki Steak and Garlic-Seared Vegetables

After we made these steaks we ate them, and they were the best steaks that we had ever had. The high heat forms a delicious crust that seals in juices, and the brief cooking time ensures the perfect degree of done-ness. The vegetables were the best vegetables we had ever eaten - garlicky, steaming hot, with that amazing char from the grill. Impressive to guests and deeply delicious, this could become your favorite meal too! To make the garlic-seared vegetables, you will need: - 1 head of garlic, peeled - 1 large white onion, peeled and sliced into half-rings - 12 ounces cremini or portobello mushrooms, cut into 1/2" pieces - 2-3 medium bell peppers, sliced into strips - 1...

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The Reviews Are In!

We are working on adding product review capability to this web site, but in the meantime we wanted to share some of the early reviews that our new ANYWARE™ outdoor/indoor cookware is receiving from customers who have purchased it. ANYWARE launched on The Grommet on November 10, and we are really pleased to have our products listed on their fantastic web site.  According to their customer Karen, ANYWARE "HEATS EVENLY, AND CLEAN-UP IS SO EASY-- 'LOVE IT!"  That is amazing to hear - thank you Karen!  Grommet customer Kathleen has this to say: "I can't say enough about this superlative cookware. I bought the red 12-inch model, and when it's not in use, I keep it on top of the stove...

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