You say it so much better than we could! Here are real Little Griddle customers' thoughts on our products: 

Wow! This little Sizzle-Q is awesome. It holds the heat with its extra thick stainless steel. It cooks burgers and fajitas great. I'm sure steak will be just as good. Like cooking with infrared method Tony - Mesquite, TX

I would buy this product again! Great for outdoor breakfast, nice for bacon. Easy clean up. If i would have known it was going perform that well, I would have a purchased bigger size. Bill - Nazareth, PA

Great Product!! Easy to use and makes amazing food. Just get a good high heat cooking spray and grill away. I used my grill twice a week as a normal gas grill, and now I cook almost everything on this surface. This is the secret to great dinner style burgers. Make fajitas, hibachi chicken, burgers, grilled cheese, etc. Ryan - Raleigh, NC

No doubt the best purchase I have made this year. Thank you very much! I, like everyone else here, absolutely love my Griddle-Q. I used mine at our family reunion and everybody wanted to know where to get one. Dan

We have owned a Griddle-Q for several years and love it. We use it often and it is great! We use it a lot for fried potatoes. Mary

I am a pro chef in Philadelphia and I use my Sizzle-Q almost every day, especially on weekends, whether I'm tailgating at Eagles & Phillies games, or cooking and entertaining at my home. I think it's the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. I love mine!! I have owned the same one since 2005. Jamie - Philadelphia

Wonderful product! Reasonably priced and your web site is the best. It's easy to use with good color and easy to read. David

We as tailgaters love grilling. Grilling is what makes tailgating unique and sets it apart from any other outdoor activity. Inherently grilling does have its limitations on what foods you can cook. You can’t fry an egg or make pancakes on your regular grill grate. Those types of foods will slip through and you need a flat surface to prepare them. I recently discovered the Sizzle-Q, made by Little Griddle Inc., that solves that problem and makes your gas grill limitless. Dave - Tailgating Ideas

If you are an older guy like me from the east coast and you would really, . . . REALLY! want the taste of what is the best food you could possibly serve, this unit is the greatest! I am not looking to win a prize; I just want the age group that I'm in to get with it and enjoy, what we used to call a TRUCKSTOP CHEESEBURGER! Philly Steak? . . . no comparison. . . I am so happy with this griddle (not grill, but a griddle) I have died and gone to heaven! I am serious. Anyone who wants to contact me, feel free to at: mbillgrayson@yahoo.com

I just bought a Griddle-Q and have cooked my first meal on it. It's great!! I like your site because it gives me good ideas of what else I can do with this neat new "toy". Carl B

Purchased a Griddle-Q and love it. Been looking for this product for a long time. Mark

We had been wanting a griddle like this for a long time and we were please to find one nearby. We used it today to cook bacon and eggs and it was a delicious cooking experience. Susan L

I use my Griddle-Q every time I get a chance. Potatoes, peppers and onions... oh my! Nothing else comes close. The ease of cleaning can't be surpassed either. Fast heat, quick food prep, cleans up in a snap... what more can you ask! John L

It is so refreshing to receive a product and it's just as it was described. I love this griddle and and it works just as they said it would. I recommend watching the care and cleaning video offered on the web sight as it will make a difference to your griddling experience with this product. Happy Griller

Hunting Season for Dove started here in Texas over the weekend,... and I took my three-burner, high output stove, along with my Griddle-Q and Heat Deflector. I pulled out my stuff the first night to start cooking the dove which had been stuffed with garlic, peppers, then wrapped in bacon with a toothpick, and rolled in a mixture of seasonings. Arnold was pulling out his SMALL charcoal grill to cook them on and said "YOU CAN'T COOK THOSE THINGS ON SOME FLAT METAL GRILL!" So I said "You cook half of them and I'll cook the other half. He kinda laughed a little and said OK, smarty, let's see what it will do! So,... the two of us got started. He put his charcoal in the bottom of his grill and spent what seemed forever to start it. All I did was turn on the the gas and simply clicked the start button. Then, within less than five minutes, I had my birds on the griddle and they were beginning to sizzle, while he was having to wait for his charcoal to burn down. Then by the time his grill was ready, I was taking my birds off the grill because they were already done. Then I really ticked him off when I poured just a little oil on the griddle, reached into my cooler and grabbed four bowls of stuff; one with cut onion -- one with bell peppers -- one with cheese -- and one with cut potatoes. I scattered everything but the cheese on the grill and before his birds were ready,... it was time for the cheese. I had cooked an entire meal AND cleaned my grill before he had even cooked his birds. Then the rest of guys began to eat my stuff (WHILE LAUGHING AT HIM). CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE TASTE,... OTHER THAN, HIS TASTED LIKE CHARCOLL!!! After we finished eating dinner, I asked him if he would like to go at it again in the morning for Breakfast. He said it wouldn't be fair, because I had some big fancy set up. WOW!! You should've seen the breakfast burritos I made ONION, BELL PEPPERS, HOT PEPPERS, REGULAR SAUSAGE, ITALIAN SAUSAGE, FAJITA SKIRT, BACON, POTATOES AND CHEESE,...ALL MIXED UP ON BIG TORTILLAS... WOW !!! AND I CLEANED UP THE GRIDDLE IN LESS THAN 3-MINUTES.... AS A RESULT, TWO OF THE GUYS SAID THEY ARE GOING TO BASS PRO SHOPS TO GET ONE OF THESE GRIDDLES. THANKS FOR A GREAT WAY TO COOK OUTDOORS !!! Izzy -Texas

I did purchase the GQ260 at Bass Pro . . . . And must say I am "very - very" impressed on how well it performed on the grill !!! For I had a few of the guys saying that it would be made of aluminum and that stuff would stick to the surface .... Because one of them had a another brand of griddle (that does not even come close). . . . But it just did not happen . . And cleaning was a breeze !!!! I’m now going to go on-line and purchase the deflector to go with it - - - for I stopped by Cabela’s on my way home and purchased a new 3-burner camp stove to show this stuff off with at our next cook out!!!!! DI - Ft Worth, TX

As a professional chef in a high volume resort property, the Sizzle Q has enabled me to expand our outdoor dining menus to better service our guests. People actually come over to the grill after they have eaten because they don't believe we actually cooked their meal on it. Thomas

Awesome product!! Every grill guy needs one!! We use it for breakfast on weekends. We also take it camping and have even made chocolate chip cookies for our kids...they love em! Frank - Lake Hopatcong, NJ

I recently purchased your Sizzle-Q and love it. Even though I am already a great fan of outdoor cooking I find myself cooking more often now that I have the Sizzle-Q. Steve - Marlton, NJ

What a pleasure it is for me to endorse Griddle-Q stainless steel griddles. This is a quality product that is absolutely fantastic on our “Professional” Series of Star Gas Grills. My wife and I, every so often, like to have breakfast in the evening. As good as our grills are, it’s impossible to cook an egg on our cooking grids!! Your griddle is perfect for eggs, thin sliced ham and fried potatoes – and we won’t even talk about seafood. You’re my nominee for a Vesta Award!!  Thanks for introducing such a top quality product that’s an easy sell with our top quality Star Gas Grill. Dave Backs, National Sales Manager Star Manufacturing International, Inc. - St. Louis, MO

Used our Griddle-Q for the first time for Sunday breakfast. What a success and what great tasting food!!! This is not only a great cooking surface but lots of fun to use as well. It cleans up quickly and easily and we just loved it---Well worth the money. Tim & Karen - Oscoda, Michigan

I am inquiring about becoming an authorized dealer of your fine products up here in Northern Maine. I do see you have a few in southern Maine and the closest one is about 120 Miles away. I purchased the GQ260 two years ago and love mine. People always ask me about it. I love to sell what I own and use myself! I believe your product would be a great tie in. Dan - Bangor, ME

Our GQ235 arrived via UPS yesterday afternoon. We quickly broke it in...love it! What can I say, but it works great and it cleans really fast and easy. We had no problems cleaning the griddle (took maybe all of 5 minutes). I am sending you photos as promised of the Jenn-Air Grill with the Griddle-Q in action. Thanks again for everything. Wendy and Jim PS...the griddle looks as clean now as when we pulled it out of the box... imagine that with the first photo of the steak-ums and onions. What a yummy dinner. Can't wait to try something else.

While attending a graduation party last weekend I noticed a guy cooking with a cool looking griddle placed on top of his gas grill. My brother and I both walked over for a closer look. To say the least, we were both quite impressed at how well the griddle worked and the quality construction. We looked at each other, at the same time said, "I've got to have one of these". We thoroughly quizzed the owner on how he liked his and how we could get one. This guy was enthusiastic about the performance of his Griddle-Q and told us all about your web site. I have been looking for years for a griddle like this. No others I've tried come close. Thank you very much for a great product! These will make great gifts also for any outdoor cook. Dan - Oswego NY

. . . a ton of fun to use! Great overall experience! Harold - Pasadena, MD

Great product. Love it! Howard - Menifee, CA

WOW! What a griddle. My friends will have their noses 'out of joint' when they see this. I am about to fire up the BBQ for breakfast and cannot wait to see this work. Thanks for a great product. Ross - McLeod Hill, NB, Canada

I just wanted to let you know we used the Griddle-Q last night for the first time and we loved it. The fajitas turned out great and so did the onions and green peppers. All of my friends were impressed with the ease of use and how well the heat was evenly distributed. Thanks. K.P. - Lawrence, Kansas

I am very pleased with the Griddle-Q's performance. It's the best accessory I have for grilling. Steve - Canton, GA

Some time ago, I purchased a Griddle-Q and would like to share this with you. The griddle is a great addition to my grill and I use it for lots of good cooking. Thanks for a great product. John - Mechanicsburg, PA

We camp and RV a lot, and as a result, we need a griddle that is great to use both in and outside of the RV. This griddle is perfect for the task. Because of the stainless steel, clean up is a breeze. It stores quickly and easily as well. If you are looking for a griddle that will cook literally anything you could think of, and is a pleasure to use, think no more! Kevin - Houston, TX

I have a Griddle-Q and I absolutely love it. In fact, I bought the whole gas grill solely for the purpose of using it with the Griddle-Q. I have made Hibachi steak several times to extreme kudos from my friends and family. I just need a little work on my onion volcano technique. I also make some top-notch Philly Cheese Steaks. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. I wouldn't have had near as much fun cooking out for my friends without the Griddle-Q. Aaron - Durham, NC

I have been using the griddle every day. It is awesome! Matt - MA