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Since 2000 Little Griddle has provided our customers with amazing grill-top cookware that turns any grill into a complete outdoor kitchen. Our professional-quality stainless steel outdoor griddles and new ANYWARE™ indoor/outdoor ceramic cookware are backed by our limited lifetime warranty, and are designed to create good times and great food for the people that you care about. 


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Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs: the classic pairing!  Don't limit yourself to indoors when it comes to cooking this stand-by dish - use our ANYWARE™ outdoor/indoor cookware to griddle up breakfast on the grill or on your stove.  ANYWARE's combination of a high-heat compatible ceramic surface over lightweight, even-heating cast aluminum is the perfect combination for taking breakfast anywhere you'd like.   To make this just a little more special we grilled toast in butter right on the griddle.  Because bacon and eggs are...

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Recipe Idea: Double-Cheeseburgers and Crispy Griddle Fries

  The most amazing thing about cooking on a griddle is that it can create both juicy burgers, and crispy fries!  When you grill a burger, a lot of the juices drip into the fire.  This is great for creating steam and smoke, but not so great for retaining moisture in the burger.   Griddled burgers are juicy because the seared exterior helps to keep in moisture, and the juices that do escape help to baste the burger as it cooks.  The end result...

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