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Can I Griddle It? The Definitive Guide.

At Little Griddle we spend a lot of time thinking about about the types of outdoor cooking that work best on a grill-top griddle or in a skillet over a grill or campfire, and the foods that are delicious right off of the grates, and we've never seen that concept explained in chart form before!   In the interest of better outdoor cooking for everyone, here are the results of the exhaustive outdoor cookware testing that Little Griddle has conducted over the years.  Let us know what we should add!  

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Recipe Idea: Griddle-Roasted Coffee (Revisited)

Several months ago, we discussed the idea of roasting your own coffee using your Little Griddle outdoor griddle, and why it was so much more satisfying that buying coffee from the store already roasted. We've gone a little bit further with the idea, and are really excited to present our first "Little Griddle After Dark" feature - where we explore some of the more interesting, challenging and frankly just 'out-there' things you can do with your Little Griddle cookware. We really recommend that if you are going to try this you revisit the original post here, because there is a lot of important detail, including recommended accessories and suggested additional reading. Give this a try, be careful shaking the beans...

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Recipe Idea: Griddle-Roasted Coffee

  If you have never had a fresh cup of coffee, right from the roaster - well, you're in for a treat.  Today we are going to discuss how to roast your own coffee using a Little Griddle brand griddle.  It takes a little bit more effort than driving to the grocery store and buying a can of coffee, but it might take less time, it is a lot more fun, and the taste is far, far better than anything you can buy in a store. For starters, let's explore the "why" of roasting coffee on an outdoor griddle and grill.  In part, this is just worth trying "because you can."  Roasting your own coffee is a fun trick that...

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