Can I Griddle It? The Definitive Guide.

At Little Griddle we spend a lot of time thinking about about the types of outdoor cooking that work best on a grill-top griddle or in a skillet over a grill or campfire, and the foods that are delicious right off of the grates, and we've never seen that concept explained in chart form before!  

In the interest of better outdoor cooking for everyone, here are the results of the exhaustive outdoor cookware testing that Little Griddle has conducted over the years.  Let us know what we should add!  

Will It Griddle - The Definitive Guide

Food Standard Grill Grates Grill-top Griddles by Little Griddle ANYWARE™ Skillet by Little Griddle
Asparagus Yes, but it's gonna roll everywhere We suggest olive oil and salt You can even slice them small and add to pasta!
Bulgogi It will work Pass the lettuce wraps Yes! But for this we'd take the griddle
Burgers Yes Yes, and keeps them juicy! Only if you love wonderful food
Chocolate chip cookies Very, very tricky Can be done Yes
Cornbread No Uh, not so much MMMMM CORNBREAD
Crab Cakes Tough but possible So great A classic
Crepes / Dosa Pour in the batter and let us know how this goes Ready for fillings Pretty much perfect
Eggs No You bet Yup
Fajitas Yes These are ideal on a griddle Bring it right to the table!
Fish - Filet Tough, need some foil Perfectamundo No doubt + butter/lemon/capers!
French Toast Keep dreaming Never better Doesn't even break a sweat
Green coffee beans No Surprisingly easy Impress your neighbors!
Grilled sandwiches Yes. Don't singe it! Like you're sitting in a diner Affirmative
Gyoza / Dumplings No no no no no Awesome Without a doubt
Mushrooms Helps to have a skewer Easy Duh
Okonomiyaki Ha ha ha ha ha ha Griddles were made for dishes like this Totally
Paella Let us know how it turns out Getting warmer This will be great
Pancakes As if No problem May we suggest syrup?
Pasta If you like your pasta uncooked and on fire There are better uses for a griddle Now we're talking!
Salad Actually, a charred romaine is terrific But for spinach, you need a griddle Steam that broccoli!
Shellfish Yes, but they fall through Terrific Scampi anyone?
Sliced onions Keep an eye on 'em! So nice Add butter and they caramelize!
Soup No Not really Sure thing
Steak Yes Uh huh Absolutely
Steak with Pan Sauce No For this, there's a better option Zip, Red Wine or Herb Butter?
Stir-fries Uh… Affirmative Naturally

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