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Can I Griddle It? The Definitive Guide.

At Little Griddle we spend a lot of time thinking about about the types of outdoor cooking that work best on a grill-top griddle or in a skillet over a grill or campfire, and the foods that are delicious right off of the grates, and we've never seen that concept explained in chart form before!   In the interest of better outdoor cooking for everyone, here are the results of the exhaustive outdoor cookware testing that Little Griddle has conducted over the years.  Let us know what we should add!  

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Recipe Idea: Full Breakfast on the Griddle

Little Griddle is very, very excited to announce that our new YouTube channel is up and running! We will be posting new videos frequently, and you can subscribe here. We are kicking off the channel with the foundation of the whole day - a healthy breakfast. Enjoy! If you want to recreate the recipes from the video, we used one pound of applewood-smoked bacon, fresh eggs, and the Little Griddle pancake recipe, which you can find right here.

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