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Recipe Idea: Easy Sautéed Chicken with Shallot and Herb Pan Sauce

The chicken breast: weeknight staple, go-to protein, and a lot of the time, kind of boring.  Maybe a little dry.  Definitely nothing out of the ordinary. What if there was a way to make a piece of chicken exceptionally delicious, and still have it on the table in a half hour on a busy Tuesday night?  There is, and it comes down to two words: Pan Sauce.   At a basic level, a well-made great pan sauce adds great flavor, moisture and smoothness to a dish.  In this easy and extremely delicious recipe, the pan sauce reaches it's full potential.  Searing the chicken breasts in our 12" ANYWARE™ skillet seals in moisture, panko crumbs provide excellent crunch, and crispy roasted potatoes balance out the meal...

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Recipe Idea: Griddle-Roasted Coffee (Revisited)

Several months ago, we discussed the idea of roasting your own coffee using your Little Griddle outdoor griddle, and why it was so much more satisfying that buying coffee from the store already roasted. We've gone a little bit further with the idea, and are really excited to present our first "Little Griddle After Dark" feature - where we explore some of the more interesting, challenging and frankly just 'out-there' things you can do with your Little Griddle cookware. We really recommend that if you are going to try this you revisit the original post here, because there is a lot of important detail, including recommended accessories and suggested additional reading. Give this a try, be careful shaking the beans...

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