Ten Ways to Make Pancakes Extra Wonderful!

One of our favorite things to cook outside is breakfast!  There really is nothing like emerging into the morning air and fixing a hearty breakfast in the great outdoors.  

Breakfast outside is really easy and very satisfying to make if you have the right equipment.  Your pancake batter is clearly going to fall through the grill grates unless you have something to put on top of them; we recommend a grilltop griddle in stainless steel or ceramic.  Once you have a hot flat surface to work with, your cooking options are really limitless.  Here are ten things that we like to put in our pancakes to make them a little extra terrific:

1. Blueberries - The classic add-in. 

2. Chocolate Chips - Pancakes seem more special with they're full of chocolate. 

3. Banana - Banana pancakes are just so phenomenal!  More than the sum of its parts. 

4. Bacon - Cook it crisp, and then crumble it in.  And on top.  Maybe even in your coffee.  Is there nothing this stuff doesn't improve? 

5. Citrus Zest - Grated orange or lemon peel really brightens up the flavor of pancakes.  Stunning with a fruit syrup on top, like strawberry or blueberry. 

6. Cornmeal + Sweet Corn - Subtract some of the flour from your recipe and replace it with cornmeal, and add some fresh corn for sweetness.  These are really nice. 

7. Peanut Butter - Protein and flavor in one go.  Get ready for the trail!

8. Pecans - Sophisticated, crunchy, and delicious.  If these just happened to be candied first, even better.  

9. Shredded Coconut - For the full experience, cook your coconut pancakes in coconut oil  It's a one-two flavor knockout! 

10. Cabbage and Shellfish - Can we interest you in our Okonomiyaki recipe? 

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