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Recipe Idea: Chicken and Fried Rice

We had fun with this. Fried rice is fantastic, but a lot of the time people don't think of making it at home. It is truly easy though, and by making it yourself you can make it taste exactly how you want. Ours is full of red peppers, peas, onions and scallions, and it just pops with flavor. You get a slight char on it by cooking it on the griddle that it very hard to get from a pan. The chicken....just "Wow." Searing the chicken locks in the juices and gives you crispy skin, and finishing it on the grill frees up the griddle for the fried rice. Starting on the griddle with direct heat also cuts the cooking...

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Recipe Idea: Full Breakfast on the Griddle

Little Griddle is very, very excited to announce that our new YouTube channel is up and running! We will be posting new videos frequently, and you can subscribe here. We are kicking off the channel with the foundation of the whole day - a healthy breakfast. Enjoy! If you want to recreate the recipes from the video, we used one pound of applewood-smoked bacon, fresh eggs, and the Little Griddle pancake recipe, which you can find right here.

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