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Four Day Sale!

For four days only, all orders on over $50.00 will be 30% off with the code FEBSALE at checkout! Stock up for Spring! Enough winter! Surprise sale to prep for Spring! 30% off >$50. Code FEBSALE 'til 2/28.— Little Griddle (@LittleGriddle) February 25, 2014

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Burger Time

Coming soon on - we think spring, griddle up some diner-style sliders. Not to be missed.— Little Griddle (@LittleGriddle) February 10, 2014

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Recipe Idea: Stuffed French Toast

There are recipes that look tough to pull off but are actually really easy, and this stuffed French Toast makes a few common ingredients taste phenomenal and look impressive. It is the perfect backyard griddle meal to impress brunch guests or make a special family meal. By taking something that is already good (French Toast) and adding something else good to it (strawberries and cream cheese), you wind up with an exceptional result. We like this with turkey sausage, but stuffed French Toast is just as good with bacon, regular sausage or fresh fruit. Serve with syrup and watch everyone go nuts over how good this is. To make Stuffed French Toast, you will need: - One 2 lb loaf...

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