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Congratulations Red Planet BBQ and Dave Conti!

Little Griddle would like to offer massive congratulations to Dave Conti and his Red Planet BBQ Team for placing 2nd at the June 6 "Bull Burger Battle" in Mahopac, New York.  Dave's prize-winning burger, "The Earth, Surf & Fire Burger!" was cooked on a stainless steel Little Griddle GQ-230 Professional Series griddle. Burgers cooked on griddles are fantastic because the juices don't run off into the grill, and Little Griddle is proud to sponsor great competitive cooks like Dave.  If you have a cooking team that would like to use Little Griddle products in competition, please email us and let us know how we can help.

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Recipe Idea: Diner-Style "Sliders" Cheeseburgers (with Fries!)

You might own a grill with an ample heat supply and perfectly fine grill grates. "Why," you might ask yourself, "Would I want to griddle my burgers?" Great question, and the answer might surprise you: griddled burgers can taste better than grilled burgers. When properly prepared, a perfectly grilled burger is one of the most delicious things you can make on a grill. Unfortunately perfect preparation is difficult - grill heat is dry, and meat juices drip into the grill, leading to dry meat and flare-ups. Stainless steel griddles solve those problems. Direct contact with the griddle promotes delicious browning and even cooking, and the meat retains its juices. No burns, no flare-ups, just great burgers cooked to your liking....

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