Recipe Idea: Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs: the classic pairing!  Don't limit yourself to indoors when it comes to cooking this stand-by dish - use our ANYWARE™ outdoor/indoor cookware to griddle up breakfast on the grill or on your stove.  ANYWARE's combination of a high-heat compatible ceramic surface over lightweight, even-heating cast aluminum is the perfect combination for taking breakfast anywhere you'd like.  

To make this just a little more special we grilled toast in butter right on the griddle.  Because bacon and eggs are so simple, when you use really fresh eggs and good-quality bacon this dish really shines. 

To make Bacon and Eggs with Griddle Toast you will need: 

- 2 fresh eggs

- 2 slices of your favorite bacon

- 2 slices of great bread

- Butter

- Salt and freshly ground black pepper

To make the dish

This dish comes together very quickly, so have all ingredients prepared and ready before you start cooking.  

Pre-heat your ANYWARE™ Backwall Griddle on your stove or grill over medium heat.  Start cooking the bacon, flipping as it begins to brown.  Cook to desired doneness.

When the bacon is cooked half-way through, butter an area of the griddle without bacon and place eggs and toast slices on the butter.  Cook to desired degree of doneness and remove to a serving plate.  Add salt and pepper to eggs to taste. 

Notes: This dish is great with scrambled eggs instead of sunny-side up.  For poached eggs, consider our ANYWARE skillet.

Each portion serves 1. 

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