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Recipe Idea: Skirt Steak Fajitas!

Here at Little Griddle, we think a lot about steak.  We griddle it for teppanyaki, we slice rib-eye thinly for steak sandwiches, and we even pan-sear it with rosemary-shallot butter.  So we hope that you will take our word for it when we say that sometimes, nothing hits the spot better than delicious steak fajitas.   Grilled steak fajitas are delicious, but we just love the crust that we can achieve on a skirt steak with our ANYWARE ceramic griddles.  It is a major bonus that the peppers and onions don't fall through the grill grates! This is a simple recipe where some time in picking the best ingredients will really pay off.  Skirt steak was the cut of meat originally used for beef fajitas in the 1930s, and we...

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