Recipe Idea: Low Carb Stirfry

Servings: 2-4 hungry people Prep Time: 30 minutes


- 1/2 lb Ribeye Steak, Chicken breasts or thighs;


- 1 lb Tofu


Assorted vegetables - suggestions:

Bean Sprouts,  Snow Peas, Shiitake Mushrooms, Sliced Onions, Water Chestnuts, Baby Corn

Soy Sauce to taste

Sesame or Vegetable Oil


Trim any outer fat from the steak, if using.  Cut steak, chicken or tofu into half inch cubes.  Clean and trim vegetables as needed.  The more uniform the size of the ingredients, the more evenly the final dish will cook.

Instructions Preheat griddle inside your outdoor barbecue and coat the cooking surface with oil. (Olive oil works well for this, but requires close attention to heat management.  Sesame oil works well in high heat applications and is delicious in stir-fry's).

Add the meat or tofu to the griddle and cook until nearly done.

Remove the meat or tofu and add all the vegetables.  Stir fry until "crisp-tender" and add meat or tofu back to the griddle.  Mix to heat through and add soy sauce to taste. Serve over rice or with tortillas, if desired.

Great results can be obtained on the griddle using almost any protein and and most vegetables.

Variations: Pork, shrimp, broccoli, scallions, bok choy, broccoli rabe (rapini), and julienned carrot all make wonderful additions or substitutions.  To boost heat or flavor, consider adding grated ginger, minced garlic, hot peppers or chili oil toward the end of the cooking time, being careful not to overcook and scorch these ingredients.  A commercial stir-fry sauce or marinade can also be utilized in this recipe with fantastic results on the griddle, following the cooking instructions of the manufacturer.

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