Warranty - Stainless Steel Griddles


Little Griddle has been crafting professional-quality stainless steel outdoor cookware for grilling enthusiasts around the world since 2000.  We are always working to make our products useful, durable, and beautiful.  When you purchase cookware from Little Griddle, you are buying a product that has been designed, produced, and tested to provide cooking enjoyment for years to come. 

Our stainless steel griddles are designed to provide dependable, delicious results, every time that you use them.  We are confident that you will love your Little Griddle outdoor cookware, and we guarantee our cookware with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty: In the unlikely event that you experience a defect related to the manufacturing of your griddle, you may contact us at any time for an equal replacement.

Terms and Conditions: This warranty applies to Little Griddle cookware when the product is used as directed and applies to cookware materials and construction.  Overheating the griddle may cause metal distortion or warping of griddle, which is not covered by this warranty.  United Global Sourcing, Inc. (“UGS”) supports and recommends the outdoor-only use of this stainless steel griddle. UGS does not support, warrant or recommend the use of stainless steel Little Griddle griddles indoors.  Both griddle and food contents from cooking are HOT when in use – exercise caution in operation.  Never leave the product unsupervised when in use.  Do not allow unsupervised children or pets near the product when in use.   In the event that warranty service is required, UGS will replace any defective cookware with  items of equal or greater value, at our sole discretion, upon return and inspection of defective cookware.  For more information, contact UGS using the contact information below. 

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