The Reviews Are In!

We are working on adding product review capability to this web site, but in the meantime we wanted to share some of the early reviews that our new ANYWARE outdoor/indoor cookware is receiving from customers who have purchased it.
ANYWARE launched on The Grommet on November 10, and we are really pleased to have our products listed on their fantastic web site.  According to their customer Karen, ANYWARE "HEATS EVENLY, AND CLEAN-UP IS SO EASY-- 'LOVE IT!"  That is amazing to hear - thank you Karen! 
Grommet customer Kathleen has this to say: "I can't say enough about this superlative cookware. I bought the red 12-inch model, and when it's not in use, I keep it on top of the stove where it can be admired." Thanks Kathleen - one of our goals for this product line was cookware that always looks good, even when it's not in use.  
ANYWARE also received its very first review on - customer Art Appreciation writes: "I've tried several ceramic griddles and this is the only one I would recommend." That is high praise Art, thank you! 
Ultimately, ANYWARE or any Little Griddle product is as good as our customers think it is.  We have tried very hard to make ANYWARE amazing to cook with, and now it is your turn to find out for yourself!  We'll have those reviews live soon so that you can tell us directly, but in the meantime it is extremely exciting to see how much people like our new line.  Thanks everyone, and Happy Holidays!
Love, Little Griddle

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