Turn Your Luck Around! Use the Right Cookware on Friday the 13th!

There is nothing unlucky about this Friday the 13th! That’s because we’re bringing you 13 reasons that you need a Little Griddle stainless griddle. Spoiler alert: you’ll want to read through to the very end!

  • With our griddles, you have the ability to cook a full breakfast outside. Make sausage, bacon, pancakes, toast, etc. all on the griddle. With the built-in grease well, you won’t have any extra grease messing up your breakfast.
  • One of the recipes we see most often made on our griddles is fajitas. We’ve made fajitas lots of different ways – in the oven, on the stove and in a crockpot. But fajitas on a griddle are our favorite!
  • Pizza on the grill – Turn your favorite pizza recipe into outdoor goodness by switching things up and letting it cook on your griddle.
  • Eggs on the grill – Our stainless steel egg rings make cooking eggs on your griddle super simple! These rings keep your eggs in a perfect circle, eliminating any spills or messes.
  • Our griddles are perfect for throwing outdoor dinner parties. No need to run back and forth between your patio table and your kitchen when you cook on our griddles.
  • Using our griddles give you an excuse to wear your GrillTimer watch. You bought the watch, but want to use it for more than just everyday looking at the time. Throw some steaks on the grill, veggies on your griddle, and time it all using your watch!
  • You can roast coffee on the griddle. Need we say more?
  • You won’t have to deal with having a hot kitchen on a hot summer day. Because no one wants to heat their house up even more in the summer by cooking a meal indoors.
  • Spend more time outside on nice days. This is more for our fellow Northerners but here in Michigan, summer is short; spend more time outside!
  • Our griddles provide very easy cleanup. No dirtying multiple pots and pans, just one item to clean when you’re done grilling.
  • Impress your friends and make new ones during a tailgate. Sure, anyone can bring a pot of chili in a crockpot to a tailgate. But not everyone will be able to make a batch of sliders and fries for a crowd!
  • The ability to cook and eat something besides trail mix and jerky while camping. Let’s face it, camp food can be pretty dull. Spice things up on your next camping trip by packing your ANYWARE™ skillet and cooking absolutely anything, right over your campfire!
  • Enjoy 13% off your order on littlegriddle.com today and tomorrow only by using code FRIDAY13!


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