Meet the GrillTimer™!

Good morning everyone! We are really, really excited to announce that last night Little Griddle launched our very first Kickstarter project! We are pleased to introduce the GrillTimer™: The World's First BBQ Timing Watch! GrillTimer uses a patent-pending unidirectional bezel to track the timing of popular grill recipes, and it also looks awesome! Creating this watch was a really fun way for Little Griddle to combine two things we really like:  cooking and cool watches!  It's the perfect gift for Father's Day, Groomsmen's gifts, corporate outings, and many other special occasions. We see this as a permanent part of our product line, but first we need to fund our Kickstarter project.  Please check out the project here, and if you like it, please tell your friends!  Feedback and questions are very welcome, we would love to know what our customers think of this idea.

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