Little Griddle Innovations Announces Brand Re-Launch at the 2013 Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association Show

The leader in stainless steel outdoor griddles completely updates product line and branding.

Little Griddle Innovations, LLC, since 2000, the leader in manufacturing stainless steel griddles for use with outdoor gas and charcoal barbecue grills, announced today the launch of the “new” Little Griddle™ at the 2013 Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (“HPBA”) Show.  Little Griddle’s comprehensive re-launch heralds the introduction of several new outdoor cookware product lines, and includes updates to the brand’s visual identity, retail packaging, and web site.

“Little Griddle was ready for a refresh,” said Jon Stein, president of Little Griddle. “Our stainless steel griddles and grilling accessories continue to provide the best experience in outdoor cookware, but they had not been updated in quite a while.  We knew that the 2013 outdoor cooking season was the right time to re-energize our brand and bring our product line up-to-date.” As part of its update, Little Griddle is introducing a number of new outdoor cookware products at the HPBA show.  New flagship “Professional Series” griddles are an update to LGI’s successful “Griddle-Q” stainless steel griddles, and will come in 23-inch wide and 12-inch wide sizes, allowing outdoor cooks to tailor their griddle purchase to their specific grill model and cooking preferences.  Updates to the product line include improved, vented cross-bracing for even heat distribution utilizing Little Griddle’s patented construction method, and the addition of removable handles for more convenient transport to and from outdoor barbecue grills. In addition to the Professional Series, LGI is introducing new, patented “Essential Series” low-profile stainless steel outdoor griddles at the HPBA show.  Essential Series griddles are lighter and more portable than Professional Series griddles, and are intended to introduce the outdoor griddle experience to a wider range of customers, particularly those who have not previously used an outdoor griddle.  Essential Series griddles will be available in full and half-sizes to fit the widest possible range of grills. In addition to its brand-new product lines, Little Griddle continues to market its successful “Sizzle-Q” stainless steel outdoor griddle, which can be found at retailers nationwide and at numerous online resellers.  Sizzle-Q, which measures approximately 18-inches wide and 16-inches deep, is Little Griddle’s most popular piece of outdoor cookware.   Little Griddle also manufactures the “Kettle-Q” for use with round charcoal grills, and the “Party-Q” which excels at feeding a crowd with its more than 400 square inches of griddle surface area. Now in its fourteenth year, Little Griddle continues to lead the pack in providing an extremely  fun, easy-to-use, and simple-to-clean outdoor cooking experience.  The entire Little Griddle line will be on display in LGI’s exhibit in Booth 2057 of the 2013 HPBA Show, as well as on the newly updated Little Griddle web site,  

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